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Press Release 21/2017

Neustadt-Fernthal, May 2017

Success with automated BOY at the Hanover Fair

With their participation in this year's Hanover Fair the two companies Universal Robots and BOY have made the catchword "Industry 4.0" literally "tangible". In cooperation with the technology partners Universal Robots A / S and the Müller Maschinentechnik, transparent plastic glasses from NAS were manufactured on a BOY 35 E VV (350 kN clamping force). State-of-the-art robotic technology took on the gripping and transferring of the glasses to the subsequent peripheral devices.

A flexible working UR-light-weight robot removed the injection-moulded glass out of the mould and transferred it to a labeling station. There, each glass got its individual labeling, i.e. the visitors could individually label the glass with their names or the company’s name by an input terminal. In addition, the visitor had the choice whether the glass should be filled or remain empty. An individual QR code was generated from the input data and sent to the label printer. The production data of the beer glass can then be traced back by the imprinted QR code.

In case of filled glasses, another UR-robot took the glass from the gripper hand of the first robot and placed it under a beer tap. Filled with alcohol-free “barely juice” the robot handed over the glass to the visitor.

At the HMI 2017 BOY represented two further BOY XS machines (100 kN clamping force). At the booth of Burwinkel Kunststoffwerk GmbH the most compact BOY injection moulding machine produced practical trolley chips. For more than 25 years the plastic processing company based in Mühlen has been a loyal BOY customer, using a variety of injection moulding machines with clamping forces between 220 and 1000 kN.

On the second BOY XS the IGUS GmbH located in Cologne presented the injection moulding of plastic parts on 3D-printed moulds. Due to the BOY developed BOY XS mould changing system only the mould inserts consist of 3D-printed material. Short set-up and conversion times when changing the cost-effectively printed mould inserts are outstanding advantages for both, the use in the prototype manufacturing and small batch production as well. This kind of application was of great interest to the visitors on every day of the fair.

Automated BOY 35 E VV with “Industry 4.0” application
Automated BOY 35 E VV with “Industry 4.0” application
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