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Playmobil exhibition

BOY enriches Playmobil exhibition in Bonn

Now the time has come: The doors of the special exhibition "PLAYMOBIL-Technikgeschichte(n) - Sammlung Oliver Schaffer" at the Deutsches Museum Bonn are open. From 15 April to 25 August, the Hamburg artist will be staging impressive show landscapes ranging from polar research and Mars expeditions to archaeology. Corresponding to the main themes of the Deutsches Museum "Science and Technology" ...the exhibition on the subject of "Plastics" shows the production process of the colourful Playmobil plastic figures not only for young people.

BOY supports this part of the four-month event with one of its compact injection moulding machines. A BOY XXS produces small toy bunnies with an original Playmobil tool. Playmobil also uses a large number of BOY injection moulding machines worldwide for the production of its tens of thousands of different plastic parts. "Especially the BOY XXS, which is designed for micro injection moulding and the production of small parts, is ideally suited for Playmobil components," said Michael Kleinebrahm, Head of BOY Application Technology at the preliminary discussion in the BOY Technical Centre.

In addition to the exhibition, the sponsoring association for the Promotion of Education and Innovation in the Rhineland e.V. is planning a plastics symposium with interesting lectures on 21 May. BOY will also be supporting this event with a lecture by Michael Kleinebrahm. In August, after the end of the Playmobil exhibition, a nearly 50-year-old injection moulding machine restored by BOY will be handed over to the Deutsches Museum. The BOY 22 S was taken out of service by Kaiplastics Frohn GmbH from Niederkassel after many years of production and is on permanent loan to the Deutsches Museum Bonn.