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Press Release 03/2024

Neustadt-Fernthal, March 2024

Six BOY injection moulding machines at Kuteno

BOY will be presenting six machines of its product programme at Kuteno in Rheda-Wiedenbrück. From 14th -16th May, the specialist for injection moulding machines, located in Neustadt-Fernthal, will be demonstrating its long-standing core competencein compact and energy-efficient machines for the plastics processing industry.

At the BOY booth B 11 in hall 5, a BOY 35 E (350 kN clamping force) will produce bag clips from HDPE in a family mould during this event. After the production process, the parts will be assembled fully automatically under the safety gate. A BOY XS E produces 4-fold windows made of PP - a typical example of small parts injection moulding. The BOY 35 E is equipped with an energy-saving servo-drive and is particularly suitable for the production of technical parts. This injection moulding machine is also equipped with a swivel-out injection unit and a two-platen clamping system. Five different sizes of injection units with six screw diameters from 14 - 32 mm offer a wide range of applications.

With a clamping force of 100 kN on a footprint of 0.87 m², the BOY XS E offers with its innovative and proven technologies a wide range of applications in sprueless micro and small parts injection moulding. The cantilevered two-platen clamping unit of the BOY XS E with diagonal arrangement of the tie bars makes the plasticising unit, the mould area and the ejector easily accessible and facilitates the integration of automation equipment. The machine has been improved in many details and is supplied with the latest BOY Procan ALPHA© 6 control system.

BOY's presence will be complemented by a total of four machines on booths of partner companies. A BOY 25 E at the booth of HNP Mikrosysteme GmbH produces check cards from NAS 30. The check cards are dyed with liquid colour instead of masterbatch, which enables an extremely fast colour change.

The company IKK - Institut für Kunststoff- und Kreislauftechnik (Institute for Plastics and Circular Flow Technology) shows test plates made of Polyester-Regranulate on a BOY XS. On another BOY 25 E, the company Schütte Consults - molds & more produces a so-called "tyre butler" made of Polypropylene-Recyclate. This part is used to mark the wheel position of a second set of wheels. Our smallest injection moulding machine, the BOY XXS with a clamping force of 63 kN, will also be represented at the trade fair. The company WIS Kunststoffe GmbH uses it to produce shopping trolley chips.

Andreas Scheideler, Head of Domestic Sales, and Customer Consultant Dirk Steinbach are well prepared for all discussions during the trade fair. "The Kuteno has the same importance for the north of Germany as the Fakuma has for the south of Germany", outlines Andreas Scheideler the increased presence of BOY at this year's trade fair. Not only the larger BOY booth but also the high machine quota at Kuteno with six interesting applications raise high hopes and anticipation for the event in Rheda-Wiedenbrück.