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Press Release 08/2021

Neustadt-Fernthal, June 2021

BOY presents automated application at the Equiplast

Two BOY injection moulding machines will be presented at the Equiplast trade fair in Barcelona (14th – 18th September). A BOY 35 E with integrated BOY LR 5 removal handling and a compact BOY XS will be exhibited at the booth (Hall 3 / booth D 71) of the Spanish BOY representative C.T. Servicio A.S.

The four-tie bar BOY 35 E with 350 kN clamping force and an unmatched small footprint of only 1.96 m² produces beautifully shaped delicatessen trays made of NAS 30. Like all models in the BOY E series, the BOY 35 E is equipped with an extremely energy-efficient servo drive.

The servo-motor driven linear handling BOY LR 5 with an attractive price-performance ratio is installed on the BOY 35 E in a space-saving way and impresses with its fully-featured, three-dimensional path control. The injected parts are removed from the opened mould by the specially developed LR 5 telescopic handling system and then placed on a conveyor belt. The vertical telescopic guidance enables large travel paths with compact dimensions so that the handling system mounted on the injection moulding machine can also be used in case of significantly smaller ceiling heights.

Due to the modular design, individual versions with different long travel paths (X-axis 300 mm and 500 mm, Y-axis 600 mm, 800 mm and 1000 mm, Z-axis 950 mm, 1500 mm, 2000 mm) are available. The rotatable and swivelling gripper hand of the LR 5 is designed for a handling weight of up to 5 kg.

A standard feature of the BOY handling system is a safety gate individually tailored to the size of the injection moulding machine.

On the BOY XS with a clamping force of 100 kN, snap hooks are produced on a 3D-printed steel mould. Higher stability due to 3D-printed metal mould inserts and the possibility of a partly required mould tempering/cooling are given with these metal mould inserts. Thus, they represent an expansion stage of additive manufacturing. With the presented mould concept of the XS-series, the mould-base frames remain in the machine so that the exchange-cassette inserts can be exchanged within a very short time.

The BOY XS and its machine concept stands for the flexible and efficient use of single-moulds instead of large-format, complicated and sensitive moulds. The mould holder of the cantilevered two-platen clamping system of the BOY XS and the almost identical BOY XXS is specially designed for the accommodation of micro moulds from many well-known standard manufacturers. In addition, a 25 mm vertically adjustable injection unit enables a decentralised gating with a max. stroke volume of 15.3 cm³.

The Spanish BOY representation is expecting a lot from this year's Equiplast. The company has been operating successfully in the Spanish plastics market for more than 40 years. With its many years of market experience in consulting and service, BOY is well presented in the Spanish market and its market share is growing steadily.