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Press Release 12/2010

GREAT MACHINES - compactly designed

Neustadt-Fernthal, 17. August 2010

With this new slogan BOY presents itself in all print media, the internet and also on the K 2010. 

In this regard the term „GREAT MACHINES" does not refer to the size of the machines. It refers to the extraordinary performance, precision and efficiency of BOY injection moulding machines. 

"compactly designed" emphasises that BOY injection moulding machines are the most compact of their respective size (clamping force). Especially noteworthy in this regard is how much technology can be fitted into the new ultra-compact BOY XS

For more than 40 years the proprietor run business is successfully producing injection moulding machines with clamping forces below 1.000 kN. Represented on all continents BOY has established itself with its machine program very well in all markets. 

Therefore BOY wanted to create a slogan which puts forward the advantages of the machines explicitly.

BOY XS - much technology in smallest space
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