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Press Release 02/2015

Neustadt-Fernthal, 13. January 2015

Charity BOY at NPE 2015

“We made great things happen.” This is the motto for this year´s NPE in Orlando/Florida (March 23 – 27). This also applies to the nine BOY injection moulding machines each of which will demonstrate something great in their own way. In the American subsidiary BOY Machines Inc. booth (hall B / booth W3303), nearly the entire BOY product range will be shown – from the small BOY XS (100 kN clamping force) to the largest BOY 100 E (1.000 kN clamping force). Besides the machine program, compact automation solutions, which will be adapted to specific applications, will round out the exhibition presence of BOY Machines, Inc. at NPE 2015.

The BOY 2C XS injection unit for a 2nd component will be shown at NPE for the first time. “The specialty of the BOY 2C XS is its flexibility,” says Marko Koorneef, President of Boy Machines Inc. “Instead of investing in a second machine, this BOY injection unit can be integrated to every conventional injection moulding machine. Therefore, the BOY 2C XS provides a cost-efficient start into multi-component technology.” In combination with a BOY 25 E, marbled delicacy dishes will be produced. Through the special positioning of the injection unit on the injection unit of the BOY 25 E, the marbling effect is reproducible and the moulded parts look nearly identical.

On a BOY 35 E, bracelets, which are individually tailored to each booth visitor, will be produced under the patronage of “Make-A-Wish“. The global organization, which uses donations to care for life-threatening diseased children, hopes to reach a high percentage of the 60.000 registered visitors during the five exhibition days.

A fully automated production cell with a BOY 60 E will produce beer glasses made of highly transparent polycarbonate. The moulded plastic glasses will be removed from the mould with a removal handling device, will be printed with a laser and then placed on a conveyor belt. A special machine setting will make sure that every plastic glass will be filled…..

Always very popular, Frisbees will be produced and removed from the BOY 100 E following each cycle. The capability of the BOY 100 E will guarantee good flight qualities of the Frisbees that will be produced with 1,000 kN clamping force.

Two additional injection moulding machines will be in partner company booths (Yushin America / booth W 763 and Dri-Air Industries / booth W 1343). This will complete the exhibition presentation of BOY Machines at NPE 2015 in Orlando/Florida.



BOY 60 E with handling und CE-compliant protection housing
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