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Press Release 08/2013

Neustadt-Fernthal, March 28, 2013

Two BOYs without return ticket

The new distributor for BOY, RSV Plastics S. de R.L. de C.V., experienced a real run at the BOY booth during Plastimagen in Mexico. The BOY distributor found a great deal of agreement. BOY’s range of clamping forces has a big market share in Mexico and sees with the new distributor even further potential to expand their position. The first step was selling both machines directly to local customers.

Recognized quality and precision

BOY, the manufacturer of injection moulding machines from Neustadt-Fernthal, also had a very good reception. Mexico’s plastic industry has always honored the long-lasting robustness of BOY injection moulding machines. Even under some adverse conditions, the machines, according to statements of many users, work extremely precise and trouble-free.

The visitors repeatedly praised the silent Servo-Drive as well as the energy efficiency of BOY machines. During the four-day event the machines produced practical wall hooks and Frisbees. These items were very much in demand during the “Students Day“ – a day during the fair when many pupils and students were in attendance.

Without fear of contact

The numerous visitors were impressed by the control on the two BOY machines. The multi-patented Procan ALPHA control has set standards for precision, dynamics and ease of use. The digital help function for the machine control, which can be provided in the native language, was very well received. The 15“ full-touch display with brilliant LCD-LED technology was completely convincing with it’s minimal text on the screen pages and memorable symbols.

Alternatively, BOY injection moulding machines can be equipped with the revolutionary Procan ALPHA ® 2. Like with modern communication devices, operating functions like scrolling or page changes are now achieved by swiping. The main difference is the multi-touch capability of the new system. Compared with previous foil-touch systems, the new Procan ALPHA ® 2 PCT touch technology guarantees longer-lasting functionality. A recalibration of the screen is no longer required and the touch-surface has been protected against damage with a stable safety glass cover.



BOY booth at Plastimagen 2013
BOY booth at Plastimagen 2013
Wolfgang Schmidt (right, BOY-Export Manager), next to the new Distributor for Mexico in person by Victor Miranda and his wife
Wolfgang Schmidt (right, BOY-Export Manager), next to the new Distributor for Mexiko in person by Victor Miranda and his wife
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