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Press Release 09/2011

Neustadt-Fernthal, 11. April 2011

geobra Brandstätter has 60 BOY injection moulding machines and 12 more are on order

The producer of the well-known Playmobil figures is using more and more BOY injection moulding machines in its plant in Dietenhofen (Germany) and Malta. High-quality parts are produced down to a part weight of 0.1 grams.

Since 2005, the compactly built BOY injection moulding machines with the cantilevered clamping unit have been in geobra plants. The sturdy construction of these machines provides new possibilities concerning production security and reliability for the hard industrial around the clock production.

The BOY 12, the first BOY injection moulding machine they purchased, fit perfectly in the geobra manufacturing concept. Compact modular moulds are used for the runner less production of parts. Instead of the usual multi-stage manufacturing process with its corresponding material flow, the Brandstätter group follows the idea of integrated manufacturing systems. This process begins with plastic granulates and ends with ready-made parts already packed for shipment.

Due to market demand for even more compact machines and increasing demand for micro-moulding applications, BOY introduced the BOY XS injection moulding machine at the beginning of 2009. This new concept machine also fits perfectly to the requirements of geobra. Alfred Schiffer, managing director of BOY stated, “We were also inspired by the visions of geobra when developing the BOY XS.”

After testing the new machine concepts, geobra ordered 15 BOY XS machines. After the new injection moulding machines had been delivered, this steadily expanding company has taken delivery of more than 60 BOY injection moulding machines. Alfred Schiffer and Bernd Fischer of BOY participated personally when the initial start up in Dietenhofen took place.

Robert Benker, technical director of geobra summed it up by stating, “BOY injection moulding machines impress us through their reliability, compactness and comprehensive yet simple operation“.

Geobra has been so satisfied with their current supply of BOY XS machines they just ordered another dozen. It won’t be long before the number of 75 BOY injection moulding machines is achieved.

Initial start up in PLAYMOBIL plant
Initial start up in PLAYMOBIL plant f.l.t.r.: Alfred Schiffer (Director, Boy), Robert Benker (Technical Director, geobra), Bernd Fischer (Division Manager, Boy)
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