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Press Release 09/2012

Neustadt-Fernthal, 20. April 2012

NPE 2012: A summery of success!

“The NPE 2012 was a great success for BOY”, according to Marko Koorneef, Vice President of Sales and Service at BOY Machines, Inc. “We were very pleased with the number of visitors to our booth. We feel that in addition to the machines that were sold at the show, the sales leads we received were very positive. We are excited about the prospects and potential sales as a result of the show”.

To support the “GREAT MACHINES – compactly designed” slogan, BOY presented six machines during NPE 2012. BOY highlighted the speed and efficiency of the Servo-Motor Pump Drive, the proven technologies of the Procan ALPHA ® control and the micro moulding superiority of the BOY XS series of injection moulding machines.

The BOY 22 E

The BOY 22 E (clamping force 220 kN) was the highlight of the booth. Built upon the proven success of the BOY 22 series, the BOY 22 E is the latest machine to feature the E-Series Servo-Motor Pump Drive. In comparison with previous BOY 22 models, the BOY 22 E consumes up to 70% less energy and can increase production output by up to 25%.

The BOY 22 E represents what every molder has been asking for. It offers the latest technological advancements along with the proven reliability of the BOY 22 series. The BOY 22 E will quickly prove that it has no equals in the marketplace.


BOY is convinced that micro-moulding applications are an important part of the growth in the industry. The BOY XS and BOY XS V (100 kN clamping force) has set the bar for all micro-moulding machines. The BOY XS machines offer shot sizes that range from 0.1 g to 7.8 g (PS), coupled with a robust design and construction. The BOY XS series of injection moulding machines has clearly forged a path in the industry and lives up to its slogan…

”maXimum performance, minimal Space requirement!”

The BOY “Second Shot” Component System

BOY was pleased to debut the “Second Shot” Component System. Based on the ultra compact design of the BOY XS, the “Second Shot” System is equipped with its own hydraulic drive and control. The unit offers a plasticizing volume of 8.0 cubic centimeters and achieves injection pressures up to 3.128 bar. The “Second Shot” was run in conjunction with a BOY 90 E producing a two-color eyeglass frame and lenses. The main part was made from clear PP while the side frames and temple parts were made from a colored PP.

The industry friendly connection of the “Second Shot” Component Systems allows easy interface with most makes and models of injection moulding machines. It provides new opportunities to those injection moulders that have a need for two-shot molding, but without having to purchase a dedicated two-shot moulding machine.

The compact design and portability of the BOY “Second Shot” Component System allows it to be easily moved from machine to machine. One BOY “Second Shot” affords the opportunity to turn any machine into a two-shot moulding machine!

BOY 55 E and BOY 90 E

Also demonstrated were the BOY 55 E (550 kN clamping force) and BOY 90 E (900 kN clamping force). Both machines were equipped with the Servo-Motor Pump Drive. The machines successfully demonstrated all of the benefits that this new drive technology offers.

The generous tie-bar spacing of the BOY 55 E and BOY 90 E allows them to compete with other machines that would require larger tonnage to compensate for the tooling dimensions.

Based on the speed, smooth and seamless movements of the machine, and minimal operating noise, most visitors could not believe that they were watching an all-hydraulic machine in action.

Insert Moulding Technology

BOY displayed the newest member of it´s insert moulding line of injection moulding machines, the BOY 35 E VH (350 kN clamping force). Insert moulding and “parting line” moulding play a large role in the World’s injection moulding needs. This machine features a vertical clamping unit, which allows for easy insertion of parts to be over-moulded and a horizontal injection unit for parting line moulding.

A Bright Future for BOY

The results of the NPE 2012 have already proven positive for BOY Machines, Inc. To summarize, Marko Koorneef stated, ”we are proud of the performance of all the machines we demonstrated and in the technical advancements of the entire line of machines. We are thrilled with the response from our visitors. We are pleased to offer the largest clamping force in the smallest footprint. We remain a leader in injection moulding technologies, specializing in machines with clamping forces below 1.000 kN.”



Booth of Boy Machines, Inc. at the NPE 2012
Booth of Boy Machines, Inc. at the NPE 2012
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