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Press Release 10/2011 

Neustadt-Fernthal, April 29, 2011 

BOY 35 E injection moulding machine with servo-drive proves itself at international exhibition

In April, BOY presented the BOY 35 E, the most recent development to its extensive range of products, at Plagkem in the Slovenian town of Celje. The BOY 35 E injection moulding machine is driven by a synchronous servo motor with gear drive and has a clamping force of 350 kN. In addition to the energy saving motor, the new BOY 35 E is also extremely quiet and compactly built with a footprint of only 1,9 m². This makes the BOY 35 E injection moulding machine with its cantilevered two-platen clamping system the most compact in its tonnage/clamping force range.

Low energy consumption renders oil cooling obsolete

New software developed by BOY for the Procan ALPHA® control that works in conjunction with an electronic converter provides for an extremely dynamic and exact pressure and speed regulation. The pump rotation speed is always adjusted according to the cycle specific requirements. Between the “end of dosing“ and “end of cooling time“ cycle stages, the motor and pump are completely still and consumes no energy at all. For many applications, the energy consumption is so low that oil cooling is no longer required.

Another new feature on the BOY 35 E is the swivel-out injection unit. It reduces significantly the changeover times for the plasticizing unit and nozzle.

Abundant positive feedback at the show

At the booth of the Slovenian BOY distributor Uniplast Inzeniring d.o.o., visitors were able to see first hand the flexibility and performance of the BOY 35 E. The machine produced enclosures.

Equipping its injection moulding machines with servo-motor pump drives proves that BOY has foresight and the long-term goal of continuous innovation. The reliable and resourceful servo motor pump drive impressed the visitors at Plagkem.

BOY 35 E (horizontal machine)
BOY 35 E (horizontal machine)
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