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Press Release 12/2012

Neustadt-Fernthal, 15. May 2012

BOY shows its product range at PLAST 2012

BOY enjoyed an extremely positive result by participating in PLAST 2012 in Milano. The BOY E-Series models were the basis of BOY´s successful fair presence. A BOY 55 E (550 kN clamping force) equipped with a servo-drive produced single-use catheters in a two-cavity prototype mould. A special feature was the incorporation of a rated break point that makes the accidental multiple use of the catheter impossible. Due to the length of the parts maximum platen daylight was required. BOY has set the standard within its clamping force range with its maximum platen daylight and distance between tie bar dimensions.

The advantages of the servo drive became very apparent during this application. Since its introduction in 2008, these precise, fast, and quiet E-Series machines have convinced more and more users. With energy savings of up to 70 % when compared to other drive technologies the BOY E-Series machines can clearly drop the cost per unit.

Another BOY E-Series injection moulding machine, a BOY 35 E (350 kN clamping force), demonstrated an elastomer application. The mould halves of a twenty-eight-cavity O-ring mould were fixed to the platens with a magnetic tensioning system and were also heated by the same system. The two fold brushing unit equipped with a pneumatic cleaning function was positioned directly over the two-platen clamping unit. The unit was controlled with the fully integrated brushing feature of the Procan ALPHA ® control. Within its tonnage range, the four tie-bar BOY 35 E has an unbeatable compact footprint of only 1,9 m².

Compact but powerful

A BOY XS (100 kN clamping force) produced gear wheels for a water throughput instrument in a sixteen-cavity mould. It was certainly one of the small machine attractions at Plast 2012. Another BOY XS produced Fresnel-lenses out of liquid silicon (LSR). A small proportioning pump and two compact LSR cartridges were integrated directly on the machine.

The BOY XS, which is the smallest machine of the BOY product range, is designed for industrial continuous production and like all BOY machines, is equipped with the high end Procan ALPHA ® control. Maximum precision, intuitively easy handling and a digital manual in many languages are the outstanding advantages of the multiple patented BOY machine control.

Proven insert moulding technology

The well-established BOY 22 A VV (clamping force 220 kN) established demonstrated the insert moulding of metal parts. The technological advantage of BOY insert moulding machines is the fixed lower platen of the clamping unit. Parts cannot get out of place during the closing of the mould and therefore ensure high process reliability. Metal hexagon bolts were produced in a two-cavity mould and were over-moulded with a locking handle.

Recipe for success

Numerous conversations in the booth of the Italian BOY distributor were proof that BOY had selected the right machines and applications for the visitors of Plast 2012. During the five day event many very interesting projects were discussed and various deals were finalized.



BOY 55 E
BOY 55 E
BOY Booth at the PLAST 2012
BOY Booth at the PLAST 2012
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