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Press Release 14/2013

Neustadt-Fernthal, June 20, 2013

BOY prepares for K 2013 at full speed

At K 2013 the keyword “efficiency“ will be omnipresent. For BOY, this subject was far from finished when BOY introduced the servo-motor pump drive. The specialist for injection moulding machines with clamping forces below 1.000 kN will set another milestone during the K 2013 trade show in hall 13 / booth A43.

Brilliant efficiency

Like many other fields, from now on injection moulding machines can also be classified in efficiency classes. Thus, EUROMAP 60.1 now includes 10 classifications. The highest classification of 10 was set very high. With the use of smaller screw diameters, e.g., 25 mm to 28 mm, this is purely physically nearly impossible to obtain.

The enthalpy change (increase of the heat contents) for melting the plastic in connection with the required working energy for the set machine movements is already close to the limit for classification 10. Even with an injection moulding machine with a theoretical efficiency factor of 100 %, this highest classification is not achievable with smaller screw diameters.

Therefore the achievable classifications within EUROMAP 60.1 are considered to be even more important. BOY provides an absolute peak value in its clamping force range with an efficiency classification of 8+ for its BOY 55 E equipped with a servo drive.

Alfred Schiffer, Managing Partner of BOY says: “we will present ourselves in Düsseldorf as the manufacturer of the most energy-efficient injection moulding machines in our market segment. The energy consumption of an injection moulding machine is in the foreground when considering investment decisions and we see a trend towards “smaller” machines. Therefore, small energy efficient machines allow the user to respond with flexibility to ever-changing demands and achieve more secure higher quality requirements.”

A real treat

The new BOY 25 E will be introduced during K 2013. It is the successor model to the BOY 22 E. Delicacy dishes will be moulded during the event. The new BOY 25 E is a complete new development, based on proven machine components from the previous models. Years of experience and the maturity as well as the knowledge developed from having manufactured over 25,000 machines characterize the latest version of the world´s best selling BOY injection moulding machine.

Also new at K 2013 will be the BOY 25 E VH. The insert moulding machine will be equipped with a horizontal injection unit and enables parting line injection. During K 2013, the insert moulding of hexagonal pencils with a T-handle in a two-cavity mould will be demonstrated on this newcomer.

Versatileness in hall 13

As usual, when it comes to the K show in Düsseldorf, the family owned company from Neustadt-Fernthal has a number of interesting and ambitious application examples on board. Thereby, BOY follows the trend towards increasing automation and therefore has extended the product range accordingly. To this trend Alfred Schiffer states, “indeed we have much more to offer than energy efficiency, innovation and automation. Just let yourself be surprised by visiting us at our booth.“



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