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Press Release 16/2010

Neustadt-Fernthal, 05. Oktober 2010

K 2010: BOY to present new machine with 350 kN clamping force

With the "GREAT MACHINES – compactly designed" slogan, BOY will present sixteen machines at K 2010 including the ultra-compact BOY XS (clamping force 100 kN), the full range of BOY insert moulding machines and the BOY 90 E (900 kN clamping force) equipped with a servo-motor pump drive. 

The most prominent BOY machine at the K 2010 will be a significantly enhanced BOY 35 E with a 350 kN clamping force of 350 kN. 

The newly enhanced BOY 35 E will be equipped with a servo-motor pump drive. The heart of the machine is a synchronous servo motor with gear pump. An electronically controlled converter regulates the motor. 

The pressure and quantity nominal values are set via the Procan ALPHA control. The actual values are measured simultaneously and regulated in a closed loop. 

The converter and its special software perfectly execute the complex requirements of a highly dynamic pressure and speed control. 

Thus, the pump speed is always matched to the requirements of each cycle step. Between the "end of dosing time" and the "end of cooling time" the motor and pump stand still – using zero energy. 

For many applications the energy consumption is so low that additional oil cooling is not required. 

Due to its design, the servo motor pump drive has a higher movement dynamic, which leads to shorter cycles and higher part quality. An additional advantage is a significantly lower noise level. 

The injection units of all horizontal, four tie bar BOY injection moulding machines – thus also the new BOY 35 E - designed with a two-platen clamping units, can be swivelled out and therefore reduces the time required to change the plasticizing cylinder and nozzle. 

The footprint of the machine was further reduced, so at only 1,9 m², it is the smallest in its class. 

Also new to the BOY program are the new BOY 35 E HV, which is designed for parting line injection, and the BOY 35 E VV insert moulding machine. This compact machine for over-moulding insert parts is designed with a footprint of only 1,7 m².

BOY is confident that its enhanced and impressive K 2010 presentation will further increase its market success.

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