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Press Release 19/2012

Neustadt-Fernthal, 08.10.2012

Innovative BOY control system in top form

During Fakuma 2012, BOY presented the new Procan ALPHA ® 2, the innovative user-friendly machine control. The well-known BOY Procan ALPHA control has been greatly improved with a completely new look, enlarged features and many new touch functions. Various software improvements and suggestions provided by customers were taken into account and have been considered in the development of the new Procan ALPHA 2 control.



Procan ALPHA ® 2
Procan ALPHA ® 2

The completely redesigned 15“ LED display of Procan ALPHA ® 2 is now much brighter and larger. In the operating system, which will become standard at the beginning of next year, the previously standard resistive touch technology has been changed to the PCT technology (Projective Capacitive Touch). This technology, which has become standard in modern communication devices, clearly provides longer-lasting functionality. The recalibration of the screen is no longer required with the new PCT touch technology.

The heart of the control has been replaced by a more powerful CPU, which allows much faster screen refresh times. When considering energy-saving drive technologies it was important for BOY that the new CPU require five percent less energy.

New handling possibilities

The main difference is the multi-touch capability of the new system. Like with most modern communication devices, the control functions like scrolling of screens or pages change by wiping are possible. For example, the page-by-page reading of the machine manual, which is integrated into the control system, has been made much faster and simpler. To protect against damage, the touch surface has been protected with a stable safety glass cover.

The display of the BOY control has always distinguished itself by the machine control buttons that are located laterally and therefore allows a clear and intuitive machine operation. Due to the new multi-touch technology, it is now possible to activate machine control buttons and simultaneously make set point inputs. The buttons have been made larger and provide a context-sensitive presentation. Due to this, activated control buttons are clearly highlighted by special optics. The buttons fade in or out to correspond to the configuration of the machine and the current operating mode. For improved operator guidance, a flashing start button indicates that all conditions for the start cycle are met and the machine is just waiting for the start signal.

Procan ALPHA ® 2 – the innovative control for the future.

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