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Press Release 20/2008


Neustadt-Fernthal, June 18, 2008

On the occasion of BOY's 40th anniversary, several hundred visitors from all over Europe accepted the invitation to participate in a technical preview at Neustadt-Fernthal.

The three-day event included an opportunity to view the modern flexible flow production with a tour around the factory, and also to understand more about BOY's innovative technical standards.

One of the focal points of the show was the patented Procan ALPHA control. Technical seminars were held to explain the leading technology to the visitors in greater detail.

With this innovative control system, BOY clearly stands out when compared to their competitors in the field of control technology. The Procan ALPHA control leaves nothing to desire.

One of the features of the control is the OPC interface. The infinite possibilities this impressive open interface offers were clearly demonstrated.

A GPRS-compatible modem was connected to one of the machines. With this feature, error messages from the injection moulding unit can be routed to a mobile phone.

As a further means of communication, a VPN network via a static IP address was demonstrated. In this situation, the machine's OPC interface is connected to a router. The user can then access this router with an internet-compatible mobile phone, PDA or a similar device to request the machine status.

Further possibilities were demonstrated by Fastec. Different software packages for MDE/BDE systems (registration systems for operating and machine data) were shown in operation. The visitors were able to assess that the software easyOEE is not just a name, but like the Procan ALPHA, also easy to understand and operate in practice.

In total ten exhibits displayed a representative cross-section of the entire BOY machine programme. Emphasis was placed on micro injection moulding, clean room technology, in-mould decoration, insert moulding, as well as elastomer and thermoset processing.

The event was rounded off with an insight into the company history, and by showing a BOY15 in operation. This is the machine type that Max Schiffer first presented to the public at the Hanover Fair in 1968, the year the company was founded. It gave the initial boost for BOY's success right away. The unique concept formed the basis for the sales of approx. 40,000 injection moulding machines in the following 40 years. The world's leading manufacturer for injection moulding machines in the clamping force range below 1,000 kN continues to put special emphasis on engineering performance and high-precision "Made in Germany" workmanship.

The social highlight of the anniversary event began with a cruise on the river Rhine in the evening. Finally, a lottery was held where all event attendees had the chance to win a voucher worth in value, 40 percent of the price for a BOY 22 A, for which the winner can redeem upon the purchase of the machine.


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