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Press Release 23/2009 

BOY XS – Small in dimensions, great in automation

At this year's Fakuma exhibition, BOY will among other things demonstrate how the new BOY XS injection moulding machine is well-suited for automation.

BOY makes a stand by displaying seven BOY XS machines in their own booth and three more in partner company booths. High precision and efficiency, combined with the compact dimensions of the BOY XS are unparalleled for micro injection moulding and sprueless, single-cavity injection moulding.

A BOY 90 E, which will also be exhibited in the BOY booth, will be equipped with a servo-motor pump drive. The machine's high-energy efficiency is quite impressive.

A BOY 35 A will produce business card boxes and a BOY 22 A will demonstrate a thermoset application in the Spritzguß Müller GmbH booth.

Drying, Conveying, Colouring, and Demoulding - demonstrated on the BOY XS in a compact way

Drying, Conveying, Colouring, and Demoulding

All peripheral equipment will be placed below the safety gate or on top of the machine’s cover. Thus, they become an integral part of the compact machine concept and without the need of additional floor space.

The production of the upper part of a housing will impressively demonstrate the maximum efficiency (shot volume / clamping force) of the BOY XS.

The material for the lower part of a housing will be dried and fed fully automatically. The conveyor unit will be placed below the safety gate and will transport pre-dried (180 °C) material without problems.

An adapted protective cover will be used for the colouring unit when producing a touch pin. Thus, no additional and costly production area is required.

LSR-Cartridge system

Optimum elastomer processing

A new type of nozzle construction will demonstrate the production of sprueless solid elastomer parts without the need for elaborate cold runner technology and refinishing. A special LSR plasticizing unit will be equipped with a pneumatic needle shut-off nozzle for sprueless injection moulding. Attendees will surely be impressed by how an efficient and inexpensive double cartridge solution can meter the A and B silicone components.

Insertion and demoulding


BOY will present a compact insertion / demoulding unit that can be mounted on either the fixed or moving platen. A BOY XS will produce gear wheels in a two- cavity mould with a weight of only 0.001 g each. A newly developed demoulding unit / sprue picker, mounted below the safety gate in a space-saving way, will evacuate the parts. The diagonally arranged tie bars are very favourable for the demoulding of the parts.

BOY XS with flexible mould concept

A special mould concept has been realized for the BOY XS. The mould base remains fixed on the machine. All that needs to be exchanged are the cartridges with the inserted cavities, which can be done in no time at all. Thus, inserts for new parts can be produced easily, at moderate cost.

Servo-motor pump drive beats "fully electric" injection moulding

With the drive technology of the "E" series, BOY will present another technological highlight for the attendees of the Fakuma exhibition. Compared to electro-mechanical machines, BOY's drive concept offers a clear and convincing advantage regarding energy consumption and efficiency:  

  • Optimum control of pressures and forces
  • Less mechanical wear and reduced cost for spare parts
  • Lower investment and operating cost

All of the BOY machines will be equipped with the Procan ALPHA® control. The patented control system combines ease of operation with utmost performance and precision. 

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