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Press Release 24/2009


Servo-motor pump drive outperforms "fully electric" machines

MORE ECONOMICAL. QUIETER. FASTER. MORE PRECISE. These basic statements best describe the new BOY "E" series. Equipped with a servo-motor pump drive, these injection moulding machines set new standards for profitability, precision, and quietness in operation.

A comparison of drive concepts reveals that the new servo-motor pump drive technology is in many ways one step ahead of the competitors.

The advantages when compared to "fully electric" machines are:

  • Optimum control of pressures and forces
  • Less mechanical wear and reduced spare parts cost
  • Lower investment and operation cost
  • Optimum operation and information.

A comparative study also reveals the economic advantages of BOY's new drive technology and how much potential savings can be achieved. This study compared the BOY 55 E and BOY 90 E injection moulding machines with their direct counterparts (also with hydraulic drive system). The comparative cost study included the cost savings related to required space, and revealed that a substantial savings for electricity and cooling energy was achieved. As an example, a BOY 90 E with 7,400 operating hours/year will save as much as € 7.500,00 or more. The BOY 55 E with the same amount of operating hours will reduce the operator's costs per year by more than € 5.000,00.  



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