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Press Release 24/2011

Neustadt-Fernthal, 8. September 2011

Energy saving with more efficiency

This year at the Fakuma, BOY impressively demonstrated with its new BOY 22 E injection moulding machine that both energy saving and increased efficiency can be achieved together. Considerable energy saving and increased efficiency with the new BOY 22 E (clamping force 220 kN) has proven that this combination can be achieved.

Due to on-going technological developments, BOY belongs among the leaders in injection moulding technology. Since 2008, BOY has equipped its proven machines with the very efficient servo motor pump drive. At the Fakuma, BOY presented the BOY 22 E, their latest model to be equipped with the servo motor pump drive, and its features impressed the attendees.

The new BOY 22 E is highly rated due to low energy consumption and high production

Specific comparative testing illustrates the continuous improvement of BOY injection moulding machines. In 1986 the BOY 22 S was one of the current models of the company. This injection moulding machine consumed 2,3 kWh of energy during the processing of one kilogram of plastic. By comparison, the new model BOY 22 E consumes only 0,66 kWh per kilogram. Even though the energy consumption was reduced, the number of work cycles were increased considerably: The BOY 22 S achieved 320 cycles per hour, while the new BOY 22 E has achieved 400 cycles. Increased productivity with a reduction in the cost of energy - These are features and benefits that can help modernize production plants worldwide. The highly efficient BOY injection moulding machines can guarantee a fast amortization of their investment.

Comparison is worth it

This comparison illustrates that machines with outdated technology, which are still being used, are big energy wasters and prevent production increases or surpluses. The use of more energy efficient drive technology and modern machines makes it possible to remain competitive during these difficult times. Additionally, part quality increases along with an improved reputation and appearance of the company.

The industry is in radical change

The important and impressive demonstrations and solutions shown during Fakuma, a fair that was clearly focused on the improvement in efficiency, caused many attendees to think about the modernization of their own production. There is no avoiding the fact that new technologies must be placed into production if you want to produce efficiently. The BOY E-series equipped with the servo motor pump drive will help to fulfill these efficiency demands.

BOY 22 E
BOY 22 E
Efficiency development BOY 22
Efficiency development BOY 22
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