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Press Release 30/2014

Neustadt-Fernthal, December 05, 2015

Implementation of the energy audit – BOY provides solutions

In exactly one year, beginning December 2015, manufacturing companies have to provide a Europe-wide energy audit. The European regulation (2012/27/EU, EED-Art.8), which also becomes German law, is now available.

To comply, companies that have more than 250 employees or have annual sales of € 50 million or more, must be committed to saving energy. Subject companies have three action alternatives. First, an annual audit by an energy consultant who simply makes energy saving recommendations. The second alternative requires a company to certify according to DIN EN ISO 50001 or DIN EN 16247. Accordingly, they must have an energy management system for three years and provide documentation for the implementation of the saving measures. The third alternative would be to do nothing and instead pay considerable annual surcharges. The Federal Office of Export Control has already arranged new departments that will have an eye on those companies that don´t want to save energy.

Companies are now asked to achieve the lowest possible energy requirement in the energy audit through their own measures. BOY, the manufacturer of injection moulding machines up to 1,000 kN clamping force, has already developed the solutions. The E-Series machines, which are equipped with the servo-motor pump drive, reduces energy consumption by up to 50 % compared with previous or other drive systems. The E-Series, which is currently available, have set new standards – and not only in terms of energy saving. High dynamics and precision along with very quiet operational noise levels are just some advantages of this BOY technology.

The energy saving advantages are also expanded when using the new EconPlast plasticizing technology. The unit significantly speeds up the melting of plastics, is more energy efficient and material-friendly. When combining both BOY technologies, a BOY injection moulding machine with the servo drive and EconPlast reduces energy consumption up to 70%.

A concrete example: A BOY 100 E with a servo drive and 8,400 operating hours requires about 68,000 kWh less energy than comparable machines with other drive technologies. With an electricity rate of € 0,15 / kWh, this means a savings of more than € 10,000 in energy costs. Additionally, according to the Federal Environmental Agency, each saved kWh results in approx. 600 g less in CO2 emissions – for this example with the BOY 100 E, this is more than 40 tons per year!

This is certainly enough reason for many injection moulding companies to put the current machinery on trial and to optimize them for the energy audit. By the way, concerned companies should try for a solution in due time, because an interim arrangement for the energy audit is not planned.



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