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Press Release 34/2011

Neustadt-Fernthal, 19. December 2011

Two further BOY's for Märklin railway models

Christmas this year was exciting for everybody. When the Christmas presents were opened, the recipients were especially pleased when it was a model railway from Märklin. Despite modern electronic toys, the products of tradition-rich Märklin of Göppingen remain in high demand.

The past few years for the company have been quite eventful, but Märklin got on track once again. “It is remarkable that we could manage a reorganization without any new capital from investors” said Stefan Löbich, managing partner at Märklin. “BOY has always supported our production with modern machine technology. In 2010, BOY delivered two injection moulding machines with clamping forces of 350 kN and two BOY 22 A machines (clamping force 220 kN). BOY has been a reliable and competent partner, especially in the difficult months during our comeback. In December 2011, we gave BOY a follow-up order for two more BOY 35 E machines.”

The energy efficient BOY E-series machines convinced Märklin that they had established the right direction for the future. “The BOY 35 E with the servo drive fits like a glove into our production”, said Wolfrad Bächle, also managing partner and responsible for the production at Märklin. He continues, “Since we have an enormous number of plastic parts for our railways, railway cars and rail material, we also have a large number of moulds. All of them fit without problems in the BOY 35 E, as the four tie-bar machine has extremely generous distances between the tie bars and platens. The BOY 35 E is the most compact in its tonnage range and requires a footprint of only 2 m². The precise quality of the produced parts and overall dynamics of the machine has given us an outstanding impression of the BOY 35 E. The machines run in a three-shift operation under full steam. In addition to some of its other features, the extremely low energy requirement of the machine has helped decrease our production costs.

The presentation of the ultra compact BOY XS (clamping force 100 kN) at the in-house exhibition made it clear how well both companies are connected. During the international model railway exhibition (IMA 2011) the BOY XS produced parts for the enthusiastic fans of miniature sized railway cars.


In the 150 years of its existence as a company Märklin has developed from a small factory for tin toys to a producer of high quality metal toys known around the world: Today, Märklin is the world leader for all important gauges in the model railroad market. No other manufacturer offers the possibility of adding to existing layouts and collections over the course of many years and of expanding systematically. We thus link generations through experiencing technology. This fascination is our motivation. And, it is a component part of the vision that we would like share with you.

BOY 35 E and a model railway from Märklin
BOY 35 E and a model railway from Märklin
BOY 35 in the production of Märklin
BOY 35 in the production of Märklin
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