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Press Release 27/2014

Neustadt-Fernthal, November 14, 2014

Most successful Fakuma of all time:
More attendess than ever visited BOY

Well-attended BOY booth

“Over 60 percent increase in visitors to our booth – we did not expect this”. This is the enthusiastic conclusion by Klaus Geimer, BOY Deputy Managing Director, concerning Fakuma 2014. The six interesting applications in the BOY booth and the seven additional machines in the booths of partner companies impressed a number of exhibition visitors.

Individually tailored automation solutions

BOY XS with compact removable handling

The compact and simple integration of individual perfectly tailored automations was the focus of the visitors. A compact integrated handling unit at the rear side of the BOY XS removed the sprue from an eight-cavity protective cap – all done without any additional required footprint. 

A pneumatically driven swivel arm on the BOY 35 E, designed for the removal of the business cards, worked just as reliably as the handling device on the BOY 25 E VV insert moulding machine. The linear handling guarantees the precise positioning of the blanks and removal of the multi tools, which are then over-moulded with liquid silicone.

Linear handling BOY 25 E VV
Linear handling BOY 25 E VV

The right mix makes the difference

The machine technology as well as the applications scored points with the visitors. Extremely thin-walled parts were produced on a BOY 35 E and a BOY 100 E, which could not be produced without the use of the new differential injection unit. The business cards with long flow paths and many openings were fed and perfectly filled from one side in the mould. The individual printing with previously scanned data was the icing on the cake for this application. 

Icon Differential and 4.0
ICE housing on BOY 100 E


The BOY 100 E produced thin-walled ICE model railway housings. The parts were removed via the BOY SL 30 handling system and the typical ICE red band was added with a special printer. An ICE model, which was ready mounted for comparison, made its rounds during the entire exhibition – nearly without interruption.


The impressive applications in the BOY booth were capped off by a fast cycling application on the BOY 60 E. The production of pipettes in a 32-cavitiy mould with a 4.8 seconds cycle time was a visitor favorite. The seven other BOY injection moulding machines in the booths of partner companies were also very impressive.

The technological developments, which BOY introduced to the market in the previous years, has clearly paid off. The enormous increase in efficiency and the nearly 70% reduction in energy consumption have their foundation through the development and market launch of the servo-motor pump drive (2008) and the EconPlast technology (2013). Thus, the platform for more efficient part production was created for users.

According to Euromap 60.1, the combination of both technologies enables the BOY 60 E and BOY 100 E to achieve an energy classification of up to 9+. The Euromap 60.1 comparison evaluation permits users to identify more efficient injection moulding machines from other machines – some of which partially use other conventional technologies. Although the energy label does not cover all applications, it provides some conclusions about the machine efficiency. BOY will soon mark all machines with the new energy label prior to delivery.

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