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Inspection Service

We offer an inspection service that includes checking the BOY machines according to uniform standards.

Detailed information on the condition of an injection moulding machine is obtained from an oil analysis. It is common knowledge that about 80 % of the time a hydraulic system breaks down, increased contamination of the hydraulic medium is to blame. Furthermore, the specified composition of the oil (with zinc content) is a decisive factor. However, the state of the operating medium can only be controlled by periodic analysis of the contamination, thus enabling the operator to detect a pending breakdown.

The oil sample is analyzed and documented by a specialized laboratory.

The service includes:

  • Atomic Emission Spectroscopy (AES)
  • FT (Fourier Transform) Infrared Spectroscopy
  • Viscosity, oxidation and contamination
  • PQ (Particle Quantifier) Index
  • Particle count as per ISO 4406, SAE 4059

 Please also keep in mind our standards for oil quality, resp. oil composition.

BOY has the highest standards regarding oil quality

To properly operate BOY injection moulding machines, oil types according to HLP 46 specification with a zinc content of at least 390 mg/kg = 390 ppm are mandatory.

Recommended oil types:  List of oil types as PDF-file

Do you know whether the type of oil you use has the specified zinc content?

We offer you a detailed oil analysis.

All around support for continuous injection moulding production

BOY offers a full service, which leaves nothing to be desired. BOY provides maximum service friendliness that is already begun during construction. During this phase, a value for simple accessibility is established. Clear documentation and rational spare part planning is also set. The goal is for low maintenance and eventually short down times. Due to a coordinated product program at BOY, a fast spare part supply for all injection moulding machines is provided. Even parts for machines that are older than 20 years, leave the main stock in Neustadt-Fernthal for delivery at the same day of order. 

From the beginning, an extensive service network, a qualified service department for inspectionmaintenance and repair, and the latest in IT-aided diagnostics techniques, provide the continuous operation of all BOY injection moulding machines. In addition, BOY provides a comprehensive training program that includes intensive training for machine operators and the maintenance staff of plastic processing companies. The training can take place either at BOY trainings centers in Neustadt-Fernthal or locally at the customer.

The demonstration center at the main facility in Neustadt-Fernthal completes the service offerings from BOY. In this technical center and under real conditions, potential buyers and customers can carry out individual test runs and trial mould validation with their own moulds on almost every BOY injection moulding machine. Economic and technical decisions for an optimal machine equipment and configuration can be made in advance.

The services provided by BOY: mould validationinitial start-upmaintenancerepair servicecalibration serviceoil analysisspare partsused partssoftware-upgradetrainings and workshops.