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Injection moulding with BOY - efficient as well as effective

Injection moulding with BOY - efficient as well as effective. Behind the technical development of our injection moulding machines is the idea of continuous improvement of precision and quality, as well as economic optimization of production and operating sequences. All of the fully hydraulic BOY injection moulding machines require less energy than competition machines of similar design. BOY's servo-motor pump drive certainly bears comparison with electro-mechanical machines. Some of the savings potential is huge, which have been confirmed by comparative measurements. When using the EconPlast units, the energy requirement is reduced during plasticizing by another 50 %. The two-platen clamping system, which BOY introduced, has very few moving parts. This reduces wear and minimizes times for maintenance, as well as down times. The ergonomic design of our machines guarantees easy access to all components. Short retrofitment times and optimum possibilities for the positioning of peripheral equipment are the ensuing advantages - all this with very little floor space needed. Benefit from our know-how!

Superior injection moulding from BOY machines: Innovation in plastic processing

During 50 years, about 50.000 injection moulding machines below 1.250 kN were sold worldwide. BOY injection moulding machines require less space compared to other competitive models due to their compact design. Furthermore, the freely accessible two platen locking system enables the flexible use of moulds and offers many possibilities for automation and integration of BOY machines into production lines.

Access to all machine components is easy. Set-up times are correspondingly short and the maintenance of BOY injection moulding machines is uncomplicated. The Procan ALPHA control enables an intuitive machine operation with touch-screen operation, graphic menu navigation, and fast screen start-up. With the new servo pump drive, BOY machines require 50 % less energy, cooling power is also minimal and the noise level during production is considerably quieter. Economy, efficiency and innovation - this is what BOY represents. 

The BOY line of injection moulding machines: BOY XXS, BOY XS, BOY 22 A , BOY 25 E, BOY 35 E, BOY 50 E, BOY 60 E, BOY 80 E, BOY 100 E, BOY 125 E, BOY XS V, BOY 25 E VV, BOY 35 E VV, BOY 55 E VV, BOY 2C XS, 2C M

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