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Press Release 32/2017

Neustadt-Fernthal, July 2017

BOY exhibits 14 Injection Moulding Machines at the Fakuma

With a record participation BOY will contribute to the success of the 25th Fakuma, which will take place from the 17th to the 21st October 2017. With a total of 14 BOY exhibits – a number that has never been exhibited before in Friedrichshafen – the manufacturer of Injection Moulding Machines with a clamping force of up to 1,000 kN underlines its high performance diversity and long-time competence in the plastic sector. From the compact BOY XXS and BOY XS, the insert moulding machines and additional injection moulding units up to the BOY 100 E - almost all machine sizes and series will be exhibited.

In hall A7 at booth 7101, visitors will find a variety of interesting applications at the BOY booth as well as eight exhibits. The new table top machine BOY XXS (63 kN clamping force) produces small game figures made of a foamed PP. Equipped with proven techniques for a continuous industrial operation, e.g. with an energy-efficient servo drive and the intuitively operable machine control Procan ALPHA ® 4, the BOY XXS is a welcome programme enhancement for users of most diverse  industries. The mould changing system of the BOY XXS allows shortest set-up times, an important advantage in case of small series production and in the prototype construction. Another advantage is the optimized clamping plates of the BOY XXS - especially for micro forms of many normal manufacturers.

The processing of PEEK material on the BOY XS (100 kN clamping force) and the use of a new mould concept on a BOY 35 E are further major attractions of BOY at the Fakuma. The energy-saving approach of this new development by the Technology Office Hein only provides for a partial tempering of the mould. At the Fakuma only the mould area relevant for the injection moulding process - in this case the 3D-printed metal mould inserts - is appropriately tempered. After the energy-saving servo drive (at Fakuma 2008) and the development of the EconPlast-plasticizing technology (in 2013), this is a further step to make the injection moulding process more energy-saving and efficient in terms of the moulds.

Baked treats!

A special treat will indulge our visitors at the BOY 35 E VV. A “Poffertjes”- silicone mould is produced in just 45 seconds, in which the delicious Dutch pastry specialties can be baked subsequently. The price- attractive IGUS robot Robolink 5 removes the injected silicone mould from the mould and places it on a conveyor belt for cooling. Then the visitors can take away these sufficiently cooled silicone moulds from the conveyor belt and use them for the preparation of their own homemade treats.

An equally practical injection moulded part is produced on the BOY 60 E. In conjunction with the BOY 2C S auxiliary injection unit, the compact injection moulding machine manufactures a two-component bottle spout. The BOY 60 injects the transparent part of the spout from NAS, subsequently the BOY 2C S overmoulds the bottle spout with two sealing lips from TPE. The finished part is then removed from the mould by the BOY LR 5 removal handling and placed onto a conveyor belt. At the end of the conveyor belt, none of the bottle spouts will be left ...

A fast-running BOY 100 E (1,000 kN clamping force) complements the presence on the BOY booth. On the largest of the BOY Injection Moulding Machines, dosing caps for insulin pens are produced with a large-volume 48-fold mould. The installed double servo pump of the BOY 100 E enables the parallel build-up of nozzle-contact-pressure and high pressure at the beginning of the injection moulding cycle. At the end of the cycle the two functions mould opening and ejector triggering can be performed in parallel by means of the servo double pump. As a result, users who opt for this BOY drive alternative save valuable time with each cycle.

Further Injection-Moulding Machines of the BOY product programme will be presented at the booths of the BOY partner companies. Specialist visitors are offered further interesting applications on the BOY Injection Moulding Machines. The family-run company – which has always participated in the events in Friedrichshafen for many years – is well prepared for the Jubilee-Fakuma.



„Poffertjes“-silicon baking mould, manufactured on an automated BOY 35 E VV
„Poffertjes“-silicon baking mould, manufactured on an automated BOY 35 E VV
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