Video von BOY auf der K 2022 ansehen
BOY at the K 2022

Premiere at the K 2022: The new BOY XS E

Thus the new BOY XS E is the successor of the globally successful BOY XS, which has been used for a continuous industrial operation in many industries since 2009.

BOY machine control system in a new format

The ALPHA 6 - the designated successor to the still current Procan ALPHA 4 control system - is immediately recognisable by its 16: 9 screen format. The TFT-colour display of the ALPHA 6 has a Full-HD resolution with 1920 x 1080 pixels (px) and...

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Online support via WLAN stick and Repeater-server

BOY addresses the trend topic of digitalisation with the introduction of its WLAN stick. BOY-injection moulding machines with the control system Procan ALPHA ® 4 can be integrated easier and without wired connection into any network with Internet...

Injection moulding machines from BOY

Nearly 50,000 BOY injection moulding machines during the past 50 years

BOY's success story began in 1968 with the introduction of the BOY 15. The machine's compact design, ease of operation, it's economic efficiency and other important technical solutions revolutionized the fully automatic production of injection moulding machines.

But the BOY team never rested on it's laurels. On-going research programs led to further improvements. Today BOY offers a full range of injection moulding machines that are designed to meet all types of applications. Since the company was founded in 1968, BOY has supplied nearly 50,000 machines to all five continents. BOY has become the leading supplier for injection moulding machines with clamping forces up to 1.250 kN.

It does not matter if you intend to produce gear wheels with a diameter of 2 mm or frisbees with a diameter of 300 mm, BOY offers the optimum technical solution for you.

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Special injection moulding with BOY

Perfect results in all areas