Minimum place requirement

More and more moulders have adopt our philosophy of using several smaller machines instead of one large machine with complicated moulds for their production. Following are some of the reasons why we believe it is more profitable to use smaller rather than larger machines.

Maximum Performance in Smaller Space Requirement

BOY injection moulding machines use 30% less space, thereby increasing your per square foot production capability and your flexibility.

Easy connection of peripheral equipment

No other machine design offers more freedom for automation, integration into production lines, or local cleanroom applications, et cetera, than the cantilevered two-platen clamping unit. Peripheral equipment can be integrated with no problem at all.

Distribution of risk to several machines

  • Higher production safety during unmanned shifts.
  • It is not necessary to stop the entire production of a part during maintance and repair work.
  • Little capital needed during the start and end phase of a new product (product life).
  • More flexibility by extending the production to several machines.
  • Silmutaneous production of various materials and/or colours.

Flexible, versatile, efficient: BOY injection moulding machines

The fully developed designs of the BOY machines offer numerous advantages: All BOY models are characterized by flexibility, precision and intuitive operation. Their suitability to automation enables the simple integration to both complex production processes and clean room applications. Comprehensive service, energy efficient drive concepts and absolute economic efficiency - BOY can offer its customers convincing solutions for any application in the injection moulding industry through continuous advancement.