Changchun NOK-Freudenberg Oilseal Co., Ltd / China

BOY actively participates in our technical innovation and continuously provides us with better products, better technologies and services.
The technical service staff of Boy company communicates with us frequently, actively provided services for us and patiently answered our questions, which helped us to establish a deep friendship.

Elepac Ltd. / Malta

We reduce energy consumption rates while increasing production throughput and yield.
With the stand-alone units, Elepac has grown substantially in multi-component Injection Moulding, adding value and range of services offered to our Customers.

Parks Medical / USA

After we installed the BOY machine, our productivity increased tremendously.
Our old machine was very slow and not repeatable. We are now months ahead in production and now we have inventory!
We call it the Ferrari, and even have a Ferrari sticker on the BOY machine.

VKV Horák s.r.o. / Czech

I have always been convinced by several features of these injection moulding machines, such as compact dimensions, the double-armed striker platen solution, the very intuitive, clear and at the same time very professional, modern and powerful control system.
The service is very accommodating and professional, with knowledge at a high level.