Machine Type

Tool Dimensions (mm)

max. length*

* with open tool for part removal

Stroke Volume (cm³)

Parts Weight (g)

Clamping Force (kN)

XXS 63 kN

The flexible BOY XXS proves its advantages especially in the production of prototypes, in small series, e.g. in the production of spare parts and in the manufacture of micro to small parts.

XS 100 kN

The BOY XS is a development from BOY – an injection moulding machine designed with well-proven technology and all the merits of our larger machines.

XS E 100 kN

The BOY XS E is the successor model to the highly successful BOY XS. The differences to the predecessor model are the very energy-efficient servo pump drive, the ALPHA 6 control with its revised design and the significantly improved accessibility of the machine components.

XS E 100 kN

Die BOY XS E ist das Nachfolgemodell der überaus erfolgreichen BOY XS. Die Unterschiede zum Vorgängermodell sind der sehr energieeffiziente Servopumpenantrieb, die designtechnisch überarbeitete Steuerung ALPHA 6 sowie die deutlich verbesserte Zugänglichkeit der Maschinenkomponenten.

XS V 100 kN

The basic concept of the BOY XS V is identical to the BOY XS, except the injection and clamping units are arranged vertically.

The BOY 22 and preceding models were the beginning of BOY‘s success story. Since 1968, more than 25,000 machines of this series have been operating worldwide in continuously improved and more efficient versions.

25 E 250 kN

The BOY 25 E is based on a well proven design. Since 1968, more than 25,000 machines of this series have been delivered.

25 E VV 250 kN

The BOY 25 E VV insert moulding machine is the replacement of the BOY 22 A VV with further optimizations and modern technology.

35 E 350 kN

The BOY 35 E is a four-tie bar, fully hydraulic reciprocating screw injection moulding machine with two-platen clamping unit and swivel-out injection unit.

35 E VV 350 kN

The basic concept of the 35 E VV is quiet similar to the BOY 35 E horizontal injection moulding machine - merely the injection and clamping unit were arranged vertically by a 90° rotation.

50 E 500 kN

As entry-level model with 500 kN clamping force, the BOY 50 E includes a multitude of functions already in standard execution.

60 E 600 kN

With its appealing design, the BOY 60 E is an optical highlight. But it is more than just optics which convinces the experts, namely its technical and operational values and its orientation towards cost-saving.

60 E VV 600 kN

The largest BOY insert moulding machine now has a clamping force of 600 KN (performance increase of 50 KN more).

80 E 800 kN

The BOY 80 E provides 800 kN clamping force. Given the easy handling of the machine, the users of the BOY 80 E enjoy maximum flexibility.

100 E 1000 kN

Some more of everything! Greater daylight between tie bars and larger platen distances as well as a clamping force of 1000 kN characterize the BOY 100 E.

125 E 1250 kN

Significantly stronger, larger and more powerful, were the requirements for the development of BOY 125 E. 1,250 kN clamping force characterizes now the new machine upper limit at BOY.

The injection unit for the 2nd component is based of the ultra compact BOY XS. It is equipped with its own hydraulic drive and control.

2C M 0 kN

The injection unit for the 2nd component is equipped with its own hydraulic drive and control.