Das Projekt „Industrie 4.0 Monitoring-System“ (Erforschung intelligenter Softwarealgorithmen, Ziel: maximale Maschinenverfügbarkeit) wurde von der Europäischen Union aus dem Europäischen Fonds für regionale Entwicklung und dem Land Rheinland-Pfalz gefördert.

Processing of liquid silicone rubber (LSR) and one-component solid silicone

The BOY sprueless nozzle, among other things, increase the number of possible LSR applications including the production of seals and baby bottle nipples. BOY quotations for LSR applications include dosing and pump units.

Applications: Moulded technical parts, seals, spark plugs, anode caps, baby bottle nipples

  • Cylinder temperature-is controlled by a heating cooling fluid via external control unit.
  • Hydraulically actuated needle shut-off nozzle. Open nozzle is optional.
  • Non-return valve with reduced stroke (optional).
  • Material feed via separate mixing pump connected to the injection cylinder.
  • Mould temperature control via control loops in the machine (electrical heating elements are part of the mould).

Details for the processing of one-component silicone using stuffer unit you can find in our brochure "Elastomer processing".

Injection moulding in all designs: individual applications with BOY injection moulding machines

In  five decades, BOY has sold about 50.000 injection moulding machines worldwide. During the long company history, BOY has developed many different special techniques for the plastic industry. Besides the processing of thermoplastics, BOY designed special machine configurations for different applications and special materials through continuous research and the support of customers and well-known specialists. These special designs and technical development capabilities has enabled BOY to meet every special application in the plastics industry. Due to their special design, BOY machines can be easily integrated into automated production lines.

The following applications and special solutions are possible on BOY injection moulding machines: ThermoplasticelastomerPIMhotmeltinsert mouldingmicro injection moulding, and clean room techniques.