Das Projekt „Industrie 4.0 Monitoring-System“ (Erforschung intelligenter Softwarealgorithmen, Ziel: maximale Maschinenverfügbarkeit) wurde von der Europäischen Union aus dem Europäischen Fonds für regionale Entwicklung und dem Land Rheinland-Pfalz gefördert.

Press archive

12/2021| Successful BOY-presence at Fakuma 2021

10/2021| BOY- novelties at Fakuma 2021

09/2021| BOY-exhibits „ live and touchable” at Fakuma 2021

08/2021| BOY presents automated application at the Equiplast

06/2021| BOY participates in China’s boom

05/2021| BOY in the digital world of medical technology

01/2021| Online support by a click - Smart Remote Service from BOY

16/2020| The BOY 35 E stands for efficiency, compactness, connectivity and versatility

15/2020| Exhibition-highlights in the BOY-Technical Center

14/2020| BOY presents Fakuma-highlights in its Technical Center

13/2020| Increased clamping force for the largest BOY-Insert moulding machine

02/2020| Both, BOY XS and BOY XXS offer 50% more plasticizing volume

01/2020| New special model BOY 35 E PRO can be ordered online

35/2019| BOY continues its success story after the end of the K 2019

34/2019| Handling BOY LR 5 significantly more compact in longitudinal direction

33/2019| BOY machine operation goes WLAN

32/2019| BOY injection moulding machines now hybrid

31/2019| Enhanced presence of BOY at the K 2019 exhibition

27/2019| Successful BOY machines at the Chinaplas 2019

26/2019| South China was the best of BOY in 2018

24/2019| Increased efficiency with BOY EconFluid

21/2019| BOY activates revised website with new function

15/2019| BOY successful at the KOPLAS

12/2019| 4 BOY machines at the Plastpol 2019

11/2019| BOY combines modern automation with proven machine technology at the Chinaplas 2019

07/2019| BOY with “double presence” at the HMI 2019

06/2019| Two BOY machines at the Plastimagen 2019

02/2019| In-house exhibition of the BOY-affiliate in Exton/USA

35/2018| What’s new at BOY? – Fakuma 2018

33/2018| BOY offers a new Remote Service

31/2018| BOY expands its product range after Fakuma 2018

26/2018| BOY with premiere at the Fakuma

23/2018| BOY with a free of charge anniversary package

17/2018| BOY with successful presence at the NPE in Orlando

16/2018| BOY Injection Moulding Machines benefit from Chinaplas 2018

11/2018| BOY celebrates its 50th business year - with an award

10/2018| BOY presents 5 exhibits at the Plast Milan

03/2018| "Home game" for BOY at the NPE in Orlando

01/2018| BOY with XXS and 25 E at the Chinaplas in Shanghai

38/2017| Jubilee-Fakuma was a success for BOY

32/2017| BOY exhibits 14 Injection Moulding Machines at the Fakuma

22/2017| Well-frequented BOY booth at the Chinaplas 2017

21/2017| Success with automated BOY at the Hanover Fair

20/2017| Blow injection moulding on BOY injection moulding machines - two processes on one machine

07/2017| BOY obtained another patent: Plasticizing unit of an injection moulding machine for micro injection unit

05/2017| BOY with the highest presence at the Swiss Plastics

30/2016| Big performance for the small BOY XXS

28/2016| K 2016: BOY - innovative in all categories

20/2016| BOY 50 E and BOY 60 E now much more functional with injection unit SP 170

19/2016| At the K 2016 BOY shows the new control Procan ALPHA ® 4

17/2016| BOY at the K 2016 - Meeting point for innovations

12/2016 |BOY open house with 3D prospects for injection moulders

03/2016 |BOY aggresively capitalizes on market opportunities of China

29/2015 |Start with BOY into the 3D world

28/2015 |BOY wins large order at Fakuma 2015

26/2015 |World premiere: Ø 8 mm reciprocating-screw plasticizing unit

23/2015 |Smartly cross-linked BOYs at Fakuma 2015

22/2015 |BOY with new concepts at Fakuma

18/2015 |BOY position in China is good

13/2015 |NPE 2015: BOY Machines made news from the world of injection moulding machines

09/2015 |Went down well - BOY at Plastindia 2015

06/2015 |German specialties in Far East: BOY will enrich Chinaplas 2015

05/2015 |A strong partnership at PLAST in Milan

02/2015 |Charity BOY at NPE 2015

30/2014 |Implementation of the energy audit - BOY provides solutions

27/2014 |Most succesful Fakuma of all time: More attendees than ever visited BOY

24/2014 |BOY enjoyed success at Fakuma

22/2014 |Access BOY injection moulding machines online

18/2014 |BOY again premiers technical applications at Fakuma

13/2014 |BOY handled the rush in China

12/2014 |Automated, energy-efficient BOY 60 E at Hannover Messe 2014

08/2014 |Saving energy - soon a duty for all

21/2013 |BOY clearly optimizes the plasticizing process

20/2013 |Practical help under http://app.dr-boy.de

17/2013 |The new BOY 25 E is even more powerful

14/2013 |BOY prepares for K 2013 at full speed

08/2013 |Two BOYs without return ticket

07/2013 |All in white - BOY a highlight at Medtec

19/2012 |Innovative BOY control system in top form

18/2012 |Premier of the new BOY 25 E VV

16/2012 |Innovation into the future - BOY follows up at the Fakuma 2012

15/2012 |BOY's innovative leadership is confirmed during ISB Rhineland-Palatinate event

12/2012 |BOY shows it products range at PLAST 2012

10/2012 |TWO BOY'S AT CHINAPLAS 2012

09/2012 |NPE 2012: A SUMMARY OF SUCCESS!

34/2011 |Two further BOY's for Märklin railway models

25/2011 |BOY at the FAKUMA 2011 - fully in line with the trend

24/2011 |Energy saving with with more efficiency

23/2011 |BOY 22 E with servo-motor pump drive

10/2011 |BOY 35 E with servo-drive proves itself at international exhibtion

09/2011 |PLAYMOBIL has 60 BOY injection moulding machines

18/2010 |BOY K 2010: Strong upward tendency at BOY

16/2010 |BOY to present new machine with 350 kN clamping force

12/2010 |BOY GREAT MACHINES - compactly designed

26/2009 | Once again, BOY sets standards at Fakuma 2009

24/2009 | Servo-motor pump drive outperforms "fully electric" machines

23/2009 | BOY XS - small in dimensions, great in automation

07/2009 | New E-series by BOY

06/2009 | Worldwide introduction by BOY - First appearance of BOY XS

32/2008 | International introduction of the new BOY drive technology at the Fakuma

25/2008 | BOY - Progress and continuity at the Fakuma