Das Projekt „Industrie 4.0 Monitoring-System“ (Erforschung intelligenter Softwarealgorithmen, Ziel: maximale Maschinenverfügbarkeit) wurde von der Europäischen Union aus dem Europäischen Fonds für regionale Entwicklung und dem Land Rheinland-Pfalz gefördert.

Press releases

10/2024| BOY Machines celebrated a successful fiftieth anniversary at the NPE in Orlando

08/2024| BOY successful at Chinaplas 2024

07/2024| BOY XS E injection moulding machine at Interplas Thailand 2024

06/2024| Double BOY presence at Plastpol 2024

05/2024| BOY at Elmia in Sweden

03/2024| Six BOY injection moulding machines at Kuteno

02/2024| Anniversary Appearance for BOY Machines Inc. at NPE, Orlando

01/2024| BOY presence at Chinaplas 2024 in the Far East

26/2023| Fakuma 2023: Injection Moulding Machine BOY 35 E with DC-Power

25/2023| BOY presents innovative injection moulding solutions at Fakuma 2023

24/2023| Big success at Vietnamplas 2023 - the BOY XS and its advantages in the spotlight

23/2023| BOY XS under production conditions at VietnamPlas 2023

21/2023| BOY XS E and BOY 100 E hybrid: Great interest at Plast Milan early September

20/2023| BOY is prepared for DC Power Network

19/2023| Fakuma 2023: Reduction of the cycle time on the BOY XS E by means of the igus sprue separator

18/2023| A total of 13 BOY exhibits at Fakuma 2023

17/2023| Insert moulding machine BOY 35 E VV at the MSV in Brno / Czech Republic

15/2023| The Netherlands is attracting the new BOY XS E

14/2023| Two injection moulding machines at Plast Milan: A small giant and a big dwarf

13/2023| Great success at Plastpol - major focus on the new BOY XS E & its advantages

12/2023| BOY again at Equiplast

11/2023| BOY scores six times at Kuteno 2023

10/2023| An overwhelming trade fair success for BOY in March 2023

09/2023| BOY presents its clamping force range at Equiplast

08/2023| Triple BOY presence = promising strategy for Plastpol

07/2023| BOY XS produces at the Plastteknik 23 in Malmo

06/2023| Five BOY-Injection moulding machines at Kuteno

04/2023| BOY presence in the Far East at Chinaplas 2023

03/2023| BOY 35 E at the Industry Fair in Slovenia

02/2023| BOY’s global presence at trade fairs in March 2023

01/2023| BOY starts successfully into the trade fair year 2023

16/2022| BOY presents Silicone application at Plastindia 2023

14/2022| BOY presented smart solutions to the current challenges of the plastics industry

13/2022| BOY has it in hand – Tool-Bits integrated in the injection-moulded handle

12/2022| You select actively - the automation at the BOY booth follows your input

11/2022| BOY machine control system in a new format

10/2022| Premiere at the K 2022: The new BOY XS E

08/2022| BOY again prepares a strong presence at K 2022

07/2022| PLASTPOL – a success for BOY - Vertical machine in the focus of visitors

05/2022| BOY presents LSR-application at the DKT 2022

04/2022| BOY shows product-specific range at Plastpol

03/2022| BOY at the Elmia in Sweden

01/2022| BOY starts its international trade fair presence at Chinaplas 2022