Das Projekt „Industrie 4.0 Monitoring-System“ (Erforschung intelligenter Softwarealgorithmen, Ziel: maximale Maschinenverfügbarkeit) wurde von der Europäischen Union aus dem Europäischen Fonds für regionale Entwicklung und dem Land Rheinland-Pfalz gefördert.

Longitudinally rather than transversely mounted

Handling BOY LR 5 significantly more compact in longitudinal direction

On a BOY 125 E, the handling LR 5 sits lengthwise on the BOY injection moulding machine. In contrast to the conventional arrangement - in which the protective fence around the handling and conveyor belt in particular takes up more space - the longitudinal arrangement leaves valuable production space free. Depending on the size of the LR 5 handling system, this automation saves 3 to 5 m² of space. The trade fair application shows the production of cutting pads which are removed from the mould by the LR 5 and placed on a chute in the longitudinal axis of the injection moulding machine.

Circular Economy - resource-efficient material selection
The practical cutting pad - in the form of a pig - consists of a bio-based wood compound based on polyolefin. The fibre content is about 50 percent and the wood structure is clearly visible on the surface of the part. With this application, BOY would like to show that other materials are also increasingly finding their way into environmentally conscious, modern plastics processing.