Das Projekt „Industrie 4.0 Monitoring-System“ (Erforschung intelligenter Softwarealgorithmen, Ziel: maximale Maschinenverfügbarkeit) wurde von der Europäischen Union aus dem Europäischen Fonds für regionale Entwicklung und dem Land Rheinland-Pfalz gefördert.

Press Release 33/2019

Neustadt-Fernthal, September 2019

BOY machine operation goes WLAN

In line with the trend towards increasing digitalization in the plastics industry, BOY is presenting a control innovation at K 2019:
The control unit of the extremely successful BOY Procan ALPHA machine control system will be presented in a mobile WLAN version.

The mobile wireless terminal offers almost the same functionality as the fixed controls of the BOY injection moulding machines. Via the IP address of the terminal, which is permanently assigned to a BOY injection moulding machine, this - and only this - machine can be controlled by remote control via secure Ethernet communication. If the terminal is too far away from the machine, the injection moulding machine stops automatically. Visitors at K 2019 in Düsseldorf will able to see for themselves. At the BOY stand in Hall 13 / Stand A43, a BOY 35 VH will be equipped with this WLAN remote control unit.

This mobile control terminal is particularly advantageous for complex systems or when additional injection units are used. During operation, for example, the control side with input values on the terminal and the machine are in view. In the next expansion stage, the WLAN version of the Procan control system will also offer significant advantages for the machine setter and the user when operating BOY LR 5 linear handling devices.