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Pressemitteilung 13/2014

Neustadt-Fernthal, April 30, 2014

BOY handled the rush in China

“The visitor attendance during the first two days at the BOY booth was over the top”. That is the short and concise conclusion of Wolfgang Schmidt, BOY Export Manager. Promising talks and a multitude of new, especially supra-regional contacts, were the reasons for his positive conclusions concerning Chinaplas.

The visitors were particularly impressed with the simple ease of use of the Procan ALPHA ® 2 Control. The BOY picker, which was shown on the BOY XS, was also the center of attention. “In addition to the feeding and removal devices like the aforementioned picker, we now provide a four axes industrial robot for the removal of injected parts. Schmidt explains, “BOY, now acting as a single source, can now provide all components including the CE-compliant safety housing”.

Ultra compact, reliable and highly precise

The BOY XS enables maximum performances in the smallest space. With a footprint of only 0,74 m² and stroke volumes from 0,1 cm³ up to 8,0 cm³, parts can be produced in a continuous industrial environment with the highest precision. A pneumatically operated sprue picker, which was integrated under the safety gate, clearly demonstrated that even the smallest injection moulding machines can be equipped with peripheral devices.

During the four days of the fair, the BOY XS produced electronic components in a four cavity mould. The small tunnel gate was removed from the mould by the picker and separated from the complex micro parts.

The BOY 2C XS – an advancement of the BOY XS without the clamping unit – represents an efficient and flexible introduction into multi-component technology (up to 76,4 cm³ injection volume) working in tandem with a conventional injection moulding machine.

Highest precision for close tolerances

This was demonstrated by the BOY 35 E through the production of true to size watchcases made of ABS. This four-tie bar machine is especially suitable for the production of precision parts with closed tolerances. Generously spaced tie bars and platen distances, a foot print of only 1.9 m² and a torsion resistant, cantilevered two-platen clamping system characterize the advanced and proven design of BOY 35 E machine.

Many visitors were impressed with quiet running of the machine. Despite high output, hardly any radiation of heat was noted with the BOY 35 E – an indication of most modern drive and heating technology.

Successful fair presence pays

Both the Northern China BOY distributor Andeli Co.,Ltd. as well as the other Chinese distributor Trillion Machinery were very pleased with the talks at Chinaplas. Both are confident that their participation in the fair will lead to concrete machine orders.



Well-attended BOY-Booth at Chinaplas 2014
BOY-Booth at Chinaplas 2014
Well-attended BOY-Booth at Chinaplas 2014
BOY-Booth at Chinaplas 2014
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