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Press Release 19/2016

Neustadt-Fernthal, September 2016

At the K 2016 BOY shows the new control Procan ALPHA ® 4 

Again the K-exhibition will be the platform for the presentation of the new generation of the machine control Procan ALPHA.  The version Procan ALPHA ® 4, equipped with many new functions, will be introduced at the BOY booth (hall 13 / A 43) in Düsseldorf in October 2016.

Networked machines – Part of Industry 4.0

An important point of the new Procan ALPHA ® 4 is the availability of an OPC-UA Server in the machine control. Among other things this Server improves the connectivity of the injection moulding machine and is directly integrated in the control, which means the saving of high additional costs for the external OPC-Client and the wrapper. Therewith the new interface definition EUROMAP 77 is also on hand.

Improved functions

The  Procan ALPHA ® 4 offers a variety of modified functions:

  • significantly improved MES-functions (Manufacturing Execution System)
  • better position accuracy due to improved analog registration; the registration accuracy of the position sensors has been increased by the factor 10
  • Doubling of the temperature control accuracy and halving of the tolerances
  • Application of  optimized fieldbus systems
  • improved processor performance; the reaction times have been increased by the factor 8 – or even higher - (Highspeedtask 125 µs instead of 1000 µs with the previous version)
  • object-oriented  programming
  • hydraulic pressure-dependent switchover to holding pressure with stroke monitoring
  • improved constancy of cycle time; tolerance deviation  less than 10  milliseconds
  • prepared for all drive technologies of the injection moulding machines

“The most significant difference is in the graphical sequence programming” according to Franz-Josef Ludwig, Head of the BOY Electrical Engineering and he added: “With this upgrading we offer a complete new openness in the programming of the machine- and the injection moulding processes. Functions like core pulling processes, delay times, freely programmable inputs and outputs and much more are now freely programmable in the control sequence”.

When developing the new control, BOY has consciously taken into consideration to maintain the existing intuitive user interface to the greatest possible extent. Thus the changeover to the new control will be as simple and easy as possible for the users.

To be one step ahead – also applicable for the controls

With the development of the Procan ALPHA ® 4 BOY emphasizes its demand of a leading position in the control technology. At the K 2016 (19 – 26 October 2016) six exhibits with the new control will be shown at the BOY booth. The market launch of the Procan ALPHA ® 4 – for now as optional equipment only – will take place in spring 2017.



Screen Procan ALPHA ® 4
Screen Procan ALPHA ® 4
Icon Procan ALPHA ® 4
Icon Procan ALPHA ® 4
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